Analysis & Controlling



Thorough analysis prevents unnecessary failures and multiplies success. We screen the relevant markets for chances & threats:

If nobody’s thirsty you won’t sell any water. We use comprehensive market analysis tools to figure out if and how much demand there is for your product on the German market. Segmentation for demographics, regions and countries can be done as well.

Potential Partners
Powerful partnerships can boost your sales by orders of magnitude. Cross-Advertising, Affiliate-Models or Content Syndication are only some examples of such partnerships. We have a distinct network and know which web services are popular or on the rise in Germany and where teaming up can bear fruits for you.

Pre-Market Tests
To go one step further than theoretical analysis, test sales can show you if and how much demand there is for your product and give hints on effective pricing. We have the channels and knowledge to do these pre-tests in a quick and convincing manner.

Web Analytics
Close monitoring of your online performance is a must for success. We prefer to use Google Analytics but can also handle Piwik, Yahoo! Web Analytics or other monitoring tools. We always keep an eye on complying with the strict German data protection laws and thus spare you from legal complications.

Know who you dance with. Avoiding direct comparisons, pronouncing your USPs: this is what we intend when looking at your competitors. We thoroughly analyze the key numbers and try to find out what exactly might give you a competitive advantage.

Financial Analysis
Comprehensive executive summaries or detailled financial analysis with all relevant key performance indicators. We will continuosly monitor efforts and gains of our common project and funnel them into understandable reports that provide you with a solid base for our further strategy proposals and your final decisions.

Government regulations, supplier situation, seasonal and behavioral dependancies are some of the factors we research when looking at the environment and dependencies of your project.