Your entry to Germany –
Your gateway to Europe!

Germany is one of the largest consumer and business markets worldwide and it is the largest in Europe. The 2018 GDP is nearly 4 trillion USD and the economy again and again described as very stable.

Germany is also one of the largest import markets. Approximately 96 billion Euros worth of goods and services are annually imported into the country. Starting a business in Germany however is considered to be a difficult task; decision-making processes can be long, the requirements are high and here and there a certain conservatism in terms of trying something new can be detected.

Entry Germany will help you get established on the German market and build a stable revenue stream.

Enter new markets

Your entry to Germany – your gateway to Europe!

We assist foreign companies in seizing this opportunity. We are specialized on projects of small to medium-sized enterprises and focus on immediate results with placing the products and services in the market.

This is where our expertise lies and where we perform best. For large enterprises we can recommend other specialized consultancies and arrange contact.

Our Guiding Principles:

For Our Clients

  • Finding solutions that are simple, comfortable and doable
  • Working precisely and with attention to details
  • Combining outside the box thinking with proven business strategies
  • Thorough analysis; quick, cost-efficient and not overdone
  • Helping you understand the German market and its participants
  • Saving money: we rely heavily on well-supported open source software whenever suitable
  • Focus on immediate return models wherever this is appropriate to reveal weaknesses in the marketing process early on

For Your Clients

  • Satisfying our client’s customers is the key to business success
  • Offering added value to your customer and optimizing your business model
  • Keeping an eye on usability – according to renowned e-commerce experts one of the most important factors for business success