IT & Design


IT & Design

Finding the right provider
There are huge differences in quality and reliability. With our years of experience we help you in getting the best hosting provider.

Launching and maintaining a promotional blog
A well-written blog is not only good for climbing on the reputation and customer service ladder, but it will also boost your SEO rankings quite a bit.

Domain name registration
We will register your desired domains in your name and research the best domain combinations available, also from a SEO perspective.

Payment Providers
German customers (B2C as well as B2B) require that certain different payment methods be available. We help you to find the right payment methods and providers that match the nature of your product and your target group.

Setting up a shop system
We recommend the insiders‘ tip OXID eSales. Through our partners we also offer xt:commerce and other shop systems at your demand. To enhance the functionality of your services we will install additional or required modules, e.g. for payment, pre-ordering, live-shopping, twitter/facebook integration and more.

Shop design and logo design
Our designers will create designs and logos matching your CI, conveying your values and properly presenting your products.