In a nutshell

Our approach is always simple but highly effective. Our goal is always to make our clients see, what the market expansion in Germany can mean for their business.

Finally our approach is proven, pragmatic and success-oriented.

Sharp market entry


Our core method can be broken down into three segments. The first initial analysis gives us an overview on your company’s position in the market. The action plan is set out to provide tangible results that can be translated into specific and strategic concepts to further push your company into a more profitable market position. In the implementation phase, we will follow up with your business to secure you with a continuous quality control of the accomplished market entry in Germany.


Our team

Our team consists of more than 15 accomplished people that together have helped over 100 companies onto the German market!

Through us, your company will gain a strong foothold in Germany and from here your possibilities of expansion into greater parts of Europe will be increased significantly.