Pre-Contract stage

You send an inquiry and some information about your issues, goals and existing business. We see if this matches our profile and how we can help you. We get in contact with you and send you an outline of our strategy, a quote and a signable contract. Billing will be agreed project based or based on working hours/days.


Implementation stage


We will request more detailled information about

  • the goals you want to achieve
  • the ressources you are willing to spend
  • your USP
  • your strengths
  • some more important key facts


Develop a strategy

After getting a deeper understanding about your product, market and company we will work out a market entry or localization strategy. We work towards a final plan by continuosly rearranging our plan with your feedback. Where it is possible we will visualize our ideas for you and give you alternative solutions to decide on – having multiple choices is always better than having none. We use modern web-collaboration software to make this process as easy and convenient as possible and independent of your geographical situation.


Get to work

Now it is time to realize this solution. Our skilled team will do everything to satisfy your needs and show compelling results. During the work we will give you feedback on every milestone we implement and we also provide you with the opportunity to make suggestions.

Closure stage

After finishing the project we will deliver a final report to you. This report contains information on our completed work and already visible results. You won’t be left on your own. We maintain a watchlist of business partners and will keep you up-to-date on any important changes in your market space or further business possibilities we see arising for you. We will remind you of upcoming maintenance work or be happy to take over maintenance and reporting tasks directly following the initial contract.